A type of internal construction found in handbags and briefcases, where the compartment folds open like accordion bellows.

Aniline Leather                             

A kind of leather dyed with soluble dyes so that it retains the original hide’s skin structure and natural characteristics, such as the ’grain’ texture on the surface.


Elements applied to a bag’s surface for decorative purposes. These may include embroidery, beads, sequins, hardware, colored fabric or leather.

Attaché Case

A typically boxy, hard-sided, hinged briefcase used for carrying papers and documents.


A large bag used for carrying items on the back, the backpack was given its name in the 1910’s in the USA. Backpacks are particularly popular for outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking.

Bag Bottom                                     

A bag’s bottom panel, which is usually made of self-fabric or material of the same weight as the side panels.

Baguette Bag                                   

A long, narrow handbag which resembles the shape of a French baguette.

Barrel Bag                                      

A cylindrical bag with a barrel-shaped compartment.

Beach Bag                                       

A large bag designed for carrying items to and from the beach, such as a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen lotion, etc. It can be made of a variety of materials including canvas and straw.

Bermuda Bag                                  

A type of bag that was highly popular in the 1980’s, characterized by its oval shape, wooden top handles and interchangeable decorative fabric covers.


Typically woven from cane or wire, a basket is a structured container used for holding or carrying various objects or food.


Commonly made from leather or heavy fabrics, a belt is a flexible strap or band designed to be worn around the waist. Belts can be used to hold up trousers or other bottoms, to cinch in loose dresses and coats, or worn purely for decoration and styling.

Belt Bag                                          

Also known as a ‘waist pack’, a belt bag is a type of purse attached to a belt, designed to be worn around the waist. The bag is sometimes detachable from the belt.

Bi-fold Wallet                                 

A wallet folded into two halves with a centerfold Banknotes are folded over while cards can be stored vertically or horizontally.

Box Bag                                          

A type of hard, boxy shaped handbag.


A rectangular case made of leather, manmade materials or plastic, used for holding documents and books. It is carried with a top handle.

Bucket Bag                                     

A bag with a rounded base and drawstring cinched opening, thus named due to its bucket-like shape. Its height is usually greater than its width.

Camera Bag                                    

A padded bag with specially designed compartments to hold and protect photography equipment, such as cameras and accessories.

Canteen Bag                               

Named after the traditional water bottle used by hikers and soldiers known as a ‘canteen’, a canteen bag is a stiff,round-shaped bag that usually comes with a shoulder strap.


Made from either natural or synthetic fibers or a blend of the two, canvas is a versatile, low-cost and durable textile that can be heavy or light in weight.

Carry-on Luggage                            

Bags or cases of the perfect size to be carried on board

Cabin Luggage                             

flights and which would fit in the cabin’s overhead storage locker. They come in various forms ranging from totes, suitcases, duffels to backpacks. While most are designed to meet cabin requirements, passengers are advised to check in advance whether their bag’s measurements comply with the airline’s baggage rules.


Usually made of metal, a clasp is a fastening device used for attaching a shoulder strap to a bag, or for holding a clutch, wallet or a handbag’s flap shut.


Typically without straps or handles, a clutch is a small handbag designed to be handheld or carried under the arm. Due to its compact size, clutches are usually used for evening occasions to carry minimal essentials such as a phone, credit cards and smaller cosmetic items.

Coin Purse                                      

Also known as a change purse, a coin purse is a small bag used for holding loose coins or other tiny items.

Combination Lock                          

A type of locking mechanism that requires the user to key in a sequence of symbols or numbers to unlock the device, instead of using a key like for a regular padlock.


A large interior section of a bag.

Compression Straps                        

Typically found on backpacks, compression straps are used for compressing and stabilizing loose contents in a bag.

Cosmetic Bag                                   

A pouch or case used for carrying cosmetics and toiletries,

Crossbody Bag                                

A smaller bag with a long shoulder strap designed to be worn across the body, keeping the wearer’s hands free while commuting


A backpack of small or medium size intended for day use.Lighter and more compact, they are suitable for school, short hikes, or for daily errand runs.

Diaper Bag                                  

A type of bag designed to carry everything needed to take care of a baby. A diaper bag typically comprises multiple compartments and pockets, while some have extra features such as matching changing pads.

Doctor’s Bag                                

Originally used by physicians, traditional doctor’s bags were constructed from leather and featured a split handle which opened from the top. Modernized versions come in a variety of different materials and designs, such as multiple pockets and pouches, and may be fastened with a zipper or hook-and-loop closure.

Dopp Kit                                     

A travel-friendly toiletry bag for men to store their grooming tools and personal sundries, such as razors, shaving cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, combs, shampoo, scissors, cologne, etc.

Drawstring Handbag                    

A bag that is cinched closed by a drawstring or drawcord.


Alternatively spelt ‘duffle’, a duffel is a cylindrical bag with top handles and a spacious compartment duffels are highly versatile and practical, and can be used as cabin luggage, checked baggage, gym bags or sports bags. They sometimes come with extra features such as wheels and shoulder straps.

Dust Cover                                  

Also known as a dust bag. a dust cover is a protective cloth drawstring bag used for storing handbags when not in use. Many luxury leather or designer handbags often come with a complimentary dust cover.

East West (or EW)                      

Describes a bag that is horizontal in shape, with a width greater than its height.


A type of finishing on leather or faux leather that gives it an imprinted texture or design. Embossed leather and faux leather are often used to imitate and substitute exotic skins such as crocodile and snakeskin.

Envelope Clutch                          

A slim clutch bag with a triangle flap closure, designed to resemble an envelope.

Evening Bag                               

Any style of handbag, such as a clutch, wristlet, or shoulder bag, that is designed to complement more formal attire at special occasions like weddings, cocktail events, dinner parties, date nights, etc.

Expandable Luggage                   

Luggage that can be unzipped and expanded to create more room for storage.

Faux Leather                               

Synthetic materials such as vinyl and PVC that are designed to resemble leather in both look and feel.


Metal or plastic knobs attached to the base of a bag to allow it to stand on its own when not in use. Also called protective feet, they elevate the bag off the ground thus protecting the base from dirt, moisture and scrapes.

Flap Bag                                     

A pouch or bag that doses with a folding flap.

Full Grain Leather                       

Leather that has been specially tanned to retain the appearance and visibility of the natural texture, known as ‘grain’, of the original hide.

Garment Bag                                

A bag used for protecting garments, in particular suits and dresses, during transit or travel. Extra features may include shoe pockets and toiletry pockets.

Gig Bag  Guitar Bag                   

A bag constructed with protective padding and soft sides, designed to store, protect and carry musical instruments, especially guitars or bass guitars.

Gladstone Bag                             

Named after four-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Ewart Gladstone, the Gladstone bag is a boxy briefcase-like travel bag. Traditionally made from stiff leather and often fitted with lanyard belts, it is constructed with a hinged rigid frame which opens and doses the bag.

Golf Bag                                      

A bag designed to hold golfing equipment. It is normally lighter in weight as it is intended to be carried from hole to hole across the golf course.


Refers to the pattern on the surface of leather, which varies depending on the animal it originated from.


A bag which is larger than a purse, designed for women to hold their personal items and daily essentials.

Hardside Luggage                        

A suitcase constructed from harder and more durable materials, such as aluminum. ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene, etc.

Hobo Bag                                    

A slouchy shaped shoulder bag with a long, usually flat shoulder strap and a scooped center.

It Bag                                          

A colloquial term used in the 1990’s to 2000’s by the fashion industry to describe a sought-after and best-selling designer handbag from popular high-fashion brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Fendi.

Kiss Lock Handbag                     

A handbag fastened by a kiss lock clasp — a type of framed closure which snaps shut with two spherical knobs.


Before the mid 20th century, ‘knapsack’ was the common name For a backpack or rucksack. Made from canvas or leather, It is designed For carrying articles on the back.

Laptop Bag                                 

A bag designed with padded compartments for holding and protecting a laptop computer.


The layer of material or fabric used for lining a bag’s interior for protection or aesthetic purposes.

Long Wallet                                 

A wallet which is longer in shape and can hold banknotes Rat and uncreased. Also known as continental wallets, tong wallets are fastened by a tipper, leather rein or snap button strap, and commonly feature a coin purse.

Luggage Handle Wrap               

A band or piece of material that wraps around the luggage handle to offer a more comfortable grip and make It easier to spot at baggage claim.

Luggage Tag                                

A tag attached to luggage for identification purposes.

Medicine Bag                               

A small pouch traditionally worn by native American shamans to hold items for spiritual healing. It is typically made of leather or suede and decorated with fringes or tribal embroidery.

Messenger Bag                             

A large and usually horizontal crossbody bag with a long, adjustable shoulder strap and a flap cover. It is named after the style of bags traditionally carried by mall couriers.

Minaudiere                                    I  

Typically richly embellished with beads or crystals, a minaudiere is a small hard-cased clutch or evening bag suitable for grand and formal occasions.

Money Bell                                  

A pouch attached to a belt designed to be worn underneath clothing to safeguard personal belongings and valuables from pickpockets, especially when traveling. Compact and usually fiat, it can hold money, credit cards and travel documents.

Muff Bag                                       

A combination of a muff and a handbag. A muff bag features a tubular fur-lined case to keep both hands warm in the cold weather.

Name Plate                                   

A leather or metal plaque which displays the handbag’s brand name or logo. It is can be sewn or riveted to either the exterior or interior of the bag.

Nap  Napped                              

The finely bristled structure found on the surface of nubuck leather and suede which gives a soft, fuzzy handfeel.

North South (or NS)                    

Describes a bag that is vertical in shape, with a height greater than its width.


A type of soft aniline leather which has been brushed, buffed or sanded to create a suede-like texture. Due to its napped surface, it is easily stained even after being treated with stain protection.


Nylon is regarded as the strongest synthetic textile, known for its high resistance to abrasion and stains. It Is commonly used in tote bags due to its durable nature.

One Strap Bookbag                       

A single-strapped backpack meant to be carried on one shoulder.

Open Pocket                                 

A pocket that is open at the top and docs not have a Fastening or closure.

Packing Cube                                

A cuboid-shaped zipper case designed for storing and protecting garments, shoes and other items when traveling. Packing cubes keep items tidy and well-organized within a suitcase and effectively prevent clothing from getting creased.

Padlock                                          I

Opened and locked with a key, a padlock is a portable locking device with a pivotable shackle which can be inserted through an opening on a gate, locker door, suitcase, etc., to protect the valuables within.

Patent Leather                               

A type of leather with a glossy, high-shine finish.

Portfolio Bag                                 

A large flat case used by artists, designers and students to carry items such as drawings, paper or photographs. It prevents the content within from getting folded or creased.

Purse Hook  Purse Hanger          

A device used for temporarily suspending your handbag from a table to prevent theft and to protect it from dust and dirt on the floor. It features a flat pad which rests on the tabletop, and a hook for holding the handbag.

Quilted Handbag                          

A handbag made from quilted fabric with a decorative topstitched pattern.


A distinct type of backpack used by Japanese elementary school students. Made from stitched sturdy leather or synthetic leather, it typically features a flap cover and a boxy, firm-sided construction, designed to be durable as schoolchildren usually use the same bag for six years. The name is a loanword which originated from the Dutch word ‘ransel’, which means ’backpack’.


A metal pin that is used for binding two sheets of material, such as leather or metal, together or purely for decoration. Flat and larger on one end (the head), it has a cylindrical shaft at the other end which is inserted through the material then hammered to form a flat head, as a result keeping the material secured in place.


An alternative name for ’backpack’ mainly used In the UK and amongst Western military. The name was borrowed from the Germany words ‘der rucken’, which means ‘the back of the body’, and ’sack’, which means ’bag’.

Saddle Bag                                     

The most traditional form of the saddle bag consists of two large bags or pouches which hang on either side of a saddle on the hips of a horse. In cycling, saddle bags could be attached under the seat of a motorcycle or bicycle. Nowadays, it also refers to a small horseshoe shaped

crossbody bag with a flap cover.


Traditionally used by school children to carry books, a satchel is a rectangular leather bag featuring a flap cover and a long shoulder strap.


A rectangular tote suitable for shopping.

Shoulder Bag                                 

Refers to ail types of bags which can be carried across the shoulder with a strap.

Shoulder Strap                               

A length of fabric or other flexible materials designed to suspend a bag, allowing it to be worn over the shoulder, either slung over one shoulder or across the body. Shoulder straps can be made from leather, vinyl, textile, rubber or a variety of other materials.


A small pouch worn around the waist to serve as a pocket for a kilt, a kind of traditional male Scottish highland costume which does not have pockets.

Straw Bags                                    

A handbag woven or knitted from plant fibers, such as straw, rattan, raffia, seagrass, jute, willow, corn husk. Etc.


A type of leather with a napped surface texture and a velvety, fuzzy handfeel. Synthetic suede is also commonly used as a substitute for genuine suede.


Designed for holding items of clothing and other personal belongings when traveling, a suitcase is typically boxy in shape, with a handle and a hinged lid which Is fastened with a zipper or a snap lock.


A bundle of leather fringes, threads or cords attached to a cylindrical cap used for decoration.

Toiletry Kit                                    

A travel-friendly bag used for storing toiletries and personal sundries. Variations Include hanging cases, cosmetic bags, countertop kits, manicure sets, shave kits, etc.

Top Grain Leather                       

Leather is always divided into multiple layers before use, amongst which top grain leather is the topmost layer.

Top Handle                                   

A handle attached to the top of bag allowing it to be carried by hand.

Top Zip Bag                                  

A hag whose compartment can be dosed by a zipper at the top.


A large bag typically with an unfastened open-top compartment and parallel double top handles.

Tri-fold Wallet                              

A wallet folded into three sections with two folds. Cards are usually stored vertically in a tri-fold wallet.


Alternatively known as a travel trunk, a trunk is a boxy shaped container designed to hold Items of clothing and other personal belongings when traveling. Trunks can come in different sizes, varying from 30-36 inches in length, 16-22 inches in width and various heights.

TSA Lock                                      

ATSA lock is specially designed for TSA baggage checks and can be opened by special tools by the authority without damaging the lock. TSA stands for Transport Security Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which has the authority to screen every passenger’s baggage before it can board an aircraft. At their discretion, TSA may choose to open a passenger’s checked baggage for closer inspection. If a suitcase selected for Inspection uses a regular lock instead of a TSA lock, it will be destroyed by TSA in order to gain access.

Waist Pack  Bum Bag                

A type of bag worn around the waist to hold smaller objects and minimal essentials. It is especially useful as it keeps the wearer hands-free during travel, jogging or hiking.


A small, flat case used for holding money, credit cards, personal identification documents, business cards, etc. Typically made from leather or textile, wallets come in both foldable and non-folded variations and are usually compact enough to fit in the pocket. Women’s wallets are commonly called ’purse’ in British English, while Americans often refer to the folded wallet as a ’billfold’.

Weekender  Holdall                   

Generally with a rectangular base, a weekender or holdall is a large leather or fabric bag fastened with a top zipper, it is usually spacious enough to hold personal contents for a short weekend trip.


A wallet or clutch with a loop-shaped wristlet strap designed to be worn around the wrist.

Zipper Pull                                     

The tab attached to the slider of a zipper which can be used to pull the zipper open.