9 Types of Luggage & Trunks

Luggage & Trunks are primarily used for transporting personal items during travel. Most of these are also considered large bags that vary in either a hardside or softside case based on personal preference or use case. 1. Hardside Luggage A Hardside Luggage suitcase is constructed from harder and durable materials like aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, or polypropylene. Made […]

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100 Types of Bags, Backpacks, and Leather Goods You Should Know

Did you know that there are over 100 Types of Bags? For many of us, a bag is a must-have accessory that serves both an aesthetic and practical use case. Every day we use bags to simplify and carry on with what we need to do and it turns out that there’s a specific type of bag for every type of activity you may encounter. […]

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How a Nike Bag Designer Collaborates with Athletes

I asked Kevin if your bag had a superpower, what would it be? So at the time, a lot of the internal conversations at Nike were around the idea of portraying athletes as superheroes. Today, kids look up to athletes because they’re the ones achieving superhuman things. We needed to create a bag that would empower KD and athletes…

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Bag Glossary

Accordion A type of internal construction found in handbags and briefcases, where the compartment folds open like accordion bellows. Aniline Leather                              A kind of leather dyed with soluble dyes so that it retains the original hide’s skin structure and natural characteristics, such as the ’grain’ texture on the surface. Appliqué         Elements applied to […]

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