What is Vegan Leather and why do bag designers use it?

Back in the 1980s, vegetarianism started to gain mass cultural popularity as a newer, more ‘conscious’ lifestyle. Although the growth of that trend has slowed in the subsequent decades, the past few years has led to a new wave of animal rights advocates, refusing to eat or consume any type of animal products, now more […]

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Discovering the best carry on backpack for travel

The airline industry is known for being a highly competitive and low margin business, with the WSJ calculating a 9% profit margin in 2017 as “healthy.” growth for U.S. airlines. As a result of the tight margins, we’re seeing airlines start to make more profit per passenger in extra surcharges, like baggage fees, seat fees, reservation-change […]

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9 Types of Luggage & Trunks

Luggage & Trunks are primarily used for transporting personal items during travel. Most of these are also considered large bags that vary in either a hardside or softside case based on personal preference or use case. 1. Hardside Luggage A Hardside Luggage suitcase is constructed from harder and durable materials like aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, or polypropylene. Made […]

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