Bag Accessories

Backpack accessories refer to a range of items that can complement a backpack, like a waterproof backpack cover, or handle wrap.

Bag Bottom

A bag bottom is a panel at the bottom of the bag that provides support for the main compartments and also protects the bag from damage with extra reinforcement. This can be in the shape of a single material panel or additional bag feet/base studs.

Bag Charms

Backpack charms are a way of adding personalization and touch to a backpack from a hanging tassel to a luggage tag to a bag fob or charm.

Bag Feet / Base Studs

A plastic or metal piece at the bottom of a backpack that protects the bag from dirt and damage. This is commonly seen in handbags and other types of crossbody bags as well and in a backpack will probably be used for leather bags to protect the leather from outside damage.

Bag Opening

The bag opening refers to the main way of accessing a backpack’s largest compartment and plays a large role in determining the shape and silhouette of the backpack.


Binding occurs in the inside of a backpack as a way to sew and attach different parts of the bag together, like the lining and inner compartments with a bag’s outer shell.


Buckles are used in a backpack that has a shoulder harness or sternum strap as a way to connect the harness to the strap.

Decorative Panel

Some backpacks feature a decorative panel that is used for embellishment and aesthetic purposes.

D Ring

A D Ring is a part of a zipper puller, it refers to the “D” shaped piece that connects the zipper teeth to the puller and can be made in metal or plastic with a variety of color and aesthetic finishings.


A handle is commonly placed on the top of a backpack and is used to carry and hold a backpack for short distances.


Backpack hardware generally refers to all of the literal hard components of a bag, like the buckles and zippers.

Hip Padding

Padding that extends from the back of the backpack and straps in the front. Similar to the sternum strap and shoulder harness, hip padding is most commonly seen in outdoor and travel backpacks for weight distribution.

Interior Zipper Pocket

An interior zipper pocket is a small pocket in one of the bag’s compartments designed to store small items for easy access.

Laptop Compartment

Backpacks that are made for work, travel, or everyday use often feature laptop compartments, since carrying a laptop has become a staple item for many. Laptop compartments often feature padding on both walls and on the bottom to keep a laptop safe while on the go or in the event of a bag dropping. Some backpacks also feature separate laptop compartments, where an individual compartment made for the laptop allows for quick and easy access.


The lining in a backpack refers to the material that’s used inside a backpack’s compartments. These can vary depending on the bag’s shape, price, and construction, but typically

Luggage Strap

A luggage strap is a flat piece of material that is applied to the back part of a backpack and is used for sliding the strap over a luggage handle, making it useful for travel.

Main Compartment

The main compartment of a backpack will be the largest area in volume of a bag for storing items. This will be accessible via a zipper on the outer part of the bag and placement of the zipper can vary depending on the shape of the backpack.


A backpack can be made of a single material or a combination of multiple materials. Even with backpacks made from a singular outer material like leather or ballistic nylon, the interior lining backpack will often feature a different type of material.

Padded Shoulder Strap

A padded shoulder strap is when a strap has extra cushioning or support in the form of a padded material like foam (like EPE or EVA) or mesh as opposed to a strap only containing a singular material type.

Shoe Compartment

Shoe compartments are seen in backpacks for the gym or sports as they provide a way to organize and separate items like shoes and sweaty clothes from other parts of the bag.

Shoulder Harness

Upper section of the backpack straps that provides shoulder support. Commonly seen in outdoor backpacks or travel backpacks that require reduced weight load on the shoulders, but less seen in everyday or work backpacks.

Sternum Strap

A strap that extends across your chest when the backpack is worn. Similar to a shoulder harness, it’s most commonly seen in larger backpacks for outdoors and travel.


Stitching occurs throughout a backpack from the outer straps and materials to the inner main compartments. Some backpacks require different stitching methods from bar-tacking for extra durability and strength to leather backpacks that require more stitches per inch than a backpack made from a woven material like nylon or canvas.


A piece of woven fabric that connects the top to the back of the backpack that’s made to fit around your shoulders. They can be made from different types of materials and commonly feature the same material as a bag’s outer shell.

Strap Adjuster / Tri-Glide

A strap adjuster, also known as tri-glide, is a plastic or metal piece that is connected to a backpack’s strap and allows for adjustment of a bag’s webbing to change the height of how high or low a backpack lies on your back.


Trims are commonly seen in bags that feature leather and are used as an aesthetic detail inside a bag’s compartments or on the outer facing areas like straps or pockets.

Water Bottle Pocket

A water bottle pocket can be found on the outside or inside of a backpack for storing water bottles. An outer pocket allows for easy, quick access on the go.


Webbing in a backpack is a piece of woven material (often a type of nylon) that connects the bottom of a backpack’s strap to the bottom base of a backpack. The webbing can be adjusted via a strap adjuster for changing how high or low the bag sits on your back.


Metal or plastic piece that allows for the opening and closing of a bag or a bag’s internal compartments. Zippers commonly come in either metal or nylon material and can also be made to be waterproof or finished with different color options (learn more about the history of the zipper).

Zipper Pullers

While a zipper refers to the entire zipper from the teeth to the puller, a zipper puller itself is the part of a zipper that one is able to grab to open and close a zipper’s teeth. A zipper puller can be made from plastic, metal, or a range of materials including real leather and vegan leather.

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