Athletic & Functional Bags covers bags that serve a specific functional use case like a camera bag, golf bag, or travel bag.

Unlike other categories of bags that are grouped by their design and the way in which they are carried, Athletic & Functional Bags can be carried in a variety of ways, depending on their use case.

1. Security Pouch

The Security Pouch, also known as a Small Traveling Pouch, is designed to be worn around your neck and concealed under your clothing. It’s popularly used when traveling to keep your valuables safe.

2. Wash Bag

The Wash Bag is a small pouch used for holding toiletries and cosmetic items when travelling. Typically they feature leather materials whether in the body of the bag or vialeather trims.

3. Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit is often used interchangeably with a Wash Bag, although it got its name from Charles Doppelt, a leather craftsman in the 1900s. Compared to a Wash Bag, the Dopp Kit is larger in size.

4. Weekender

The Weekender is a large leather or fabric bag that stores enough items for short term travel and weekend trips. It features a rectangular base and is fastened by a top zipper.

5. Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is characterized by its large size and cylindrical shape. Bigger than The Weekender, The Duffel Bag gets its name from its place of origin, the Belgian town of Duffel. Today, it’s used also as a sports bag or for longer trips.

6. Barrel Bag

The Barrel Bag is a cylindrical bag with barrel-shaped compartments. Popular amongst athletes for their versatile carry options whether handheld or on the shoulder body, The Barrel Bag is typically made with cloth like materials.

7. Bowling Bag

The Bowling Bag gets its name from its original use case in the 1990s, which was to carry bowling balls, bowling shoes, and other equipment. Today, the Bowling Bag is also popular fashion accessory, that pays homage to its oriignal trapzium shape design and double top handles.

8. Safari Bag

The Safari Bag is a variation of the duffel bag, typically made from canvas and leather materials. As its name suggests, it was originally used for rugged outdoor travel and many designs take inspiration from this origination.

9. Messenger Bag

The Messenger Bag, also known as the Courier Bag, is a large and horizontal crossbody bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap and flap cover. Originally used by mail couriers, The Messenger Bag is favored because of its versatility and ease of carry when cycling or climbing.

10. Field Bag

The Field Bag is designed to withstand long days of fieldwork and is usually made from durable canvas fabric treated with a water repllent finish. Typically, a Field Bag will also have large utility pockets on the outside for useful storage.

11. Battle Bag

The Battle Bag finds its origin and modern use in the military due to its lightweight load carrying system. It’s designed to efficiently store ammunition and other mission oriented items while still being light and versatile.

12. Laptop Bag

The Laptop Bag is a bag designed for transporting your laptop safely. It features a padded compartment for protection and often has easy access pockets on the outer side of the bag.

13. Trunk Bag

The Trunk Bag is a highly functional shoulder bag used for attachment to the back of a motorcycle or bicycle. It features high denier, durable fabric to withstand weather conditions and ample storage space for gear.

14. Pannier Bag

The Pannier Bag is similar to The Trunk Bag in that its designed to carry gear on your bicycle rear rack. One point of differentiation is that Pannier Bags are often also convertible backpacks and serve dual purposes.

15. Camera Bag

The Camera Bag is traditionally a functional padded bag with specially designed compartments to hold and protect photography equipment. Camera Bags are often made from waterproof fabric for extra durability and protection.

16. Diaper Bag

The Diaper Bag is designed around the use case of being a go to for taking care of your child while on the go. Today, newer Diaper bags and backpacks feature chic aesthetics and hardware.

17. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are used for organizing your items when travelling or commmuting. They often feature a mesh fabric to give items breathability and are used in both luggages and everyday bags.

18. Tennis Bag

The Tennis Bag is designed to hold tennis rackets, balls, and other tennis equipment. They can come in varying sizes depending on needs and can be carried via a shoulder strap or handheld.

19. Hiking Backpack

The Hiking Backpack is one of the more larger sized backpacks designed for use on longer treks and backpacking trips. They feature heavily padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for weight distribution and some can sustain up to a couple hundred pounds in weight.

20. Golf Bag

The Golf Bag is designed to hold golf clubs and equipment, with multiple sections to separate golf clubs for easy selection. Their padded straps can come as a single strap or double strap for more comfortable carrying.

21. Guitar Bag

The Guitar Bag, also known as the Gig Bag, is designed around keeping your guitar or instrument safe when travelling. They can come in a hard shell case or a softside cash that’s often heavily padded for protection.

22. Portfolio Bag

The Portfolio Bag is made for carrying around large papers without them bending or wrinkling. Most Portfolio Bags feature a zippered sleeve and have two handheld straps for easy carrying.

23. Garment Bag

The Garment Bag is a travel accessory made for transporting suits and other delicate garments. Garment bags are designed to hang when unpacked or easily fold up for convenience.

24. Army Duffle Bag

The Army Duffel Bag gets its name from its military origin. As a large duffel bag that’s lightweight due to its cloth material form, the Army Duffel Bag is used by civilians today due to their large capacity and streamlined shape.

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