Backpacks and Waist Bags cover a category of bags that are primarily carried either on your back or attached to your waist. Because of the weight distribution support from your shoulders and waist when carrying a backpack or waist bag, it allows you to carry more items and not worry about shoulder pains from a single crossbody/shoulder bag (hello totes) while still maintaining a personal style.

1. Backpack

A Backpack is a large bag used for carrying items on your back and is designed to fit more items than a day pack. The term was first used in the United States in the 1910s, although there’s been evidence of people using backpacks from civilizations as early as 3300 BC.

2. Daypack

A Day Pack is often used interchangeably with a Backpack although it is a smalle or medium-srized backpack intended for everyday use. Because they’re lighter and more compact than backpacks, they’re ideal for work, school, or daily errand runs.

3. Belt Bag

A Belt Bag is designed to be worn around your waist (the term is sometimes used interchangeably with a ‘waist pack). It typically has a leather purse attached to the belt and is often detachable, giving it a dual use case.

4. Bum Bag / Waist Bag

A Bum Bag, also known as a Waist Bag or Fanny Pack, is worn around your waist and designed to hold smaller objects and daily essentials. Unlike a Belt Bag, the bag portion of a Bum Bag is often not detachable from the belt. and it can be made from a wider variety of materials.

5. Drawstring Bag

A Drawstring Bag is secured closed by a drawstring or drawcord. It’s lightweight and often comes in a wide variety of materials like canvas, nylon, leather, etc. Ideal for short trips and everyday use, the drawstring bag remains popular due to its simplicity and often affordable price.

6. Rucksack

The Rucksack derives from the German word, “der rücken,” which translate to “the back” and “sack,” meaning “bag.” Often used interchangeably with a “backpack,” the Rucksack, however, often contains a buckle flap along with more outer pockets than a traditional backpack.

7. Satchel Backpack

A Satchel Backpack features the aesthetic characteristics of a satchel. It features a double-buckled top flap, front pocket, and is always made of leather.

8. Knapsack

A Knapsack is a type of backpack that’s typically made from canvas and weatherproof materials. The term was commonly used in the mid 20th century before the word “backpack” became popular. A Knapsack will also typically feature a drawstring and flap around the bag’s opening.

9. Randoseru

Randoseru is a type of bag derived from the Dutch word “ransel.” Popular amongst students in Japan, the Randoseru features a hard shell shape that’s typically made from leather or leather like synthetic materials.

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