Did you know that there are over 100 Types of Bags?

For many of us, a bag is a must-have accessory that serves both an aesthetic and practical use case. Every day we use bags to simplify and carry on with what we need to do and it turns out that there’s a specific type of bag for every type of activity you may encounter.

When creating this Bag Encyclopedia, we wanted to find every type of bag that’s being used by people today as well as uncover something interesting about that particular bag (just like the romantic history of the zipper). If you’re thinking about trying a new bag or curious about what else is out there, this list has you covered.

Because 100 types of bags, backpacks, and leather goods makes for quite a long list, we decided to break the article down into categories based on the commonalities that each bags shares with each other. If you’d prefer to only read a certain category, you can view those pages here:

Backpacks & Waist Bags

Backpacks and Waist Bags cover every bag that is primarily carried either on your back or is attached to your waist.

1. Backpack

A Backpack is a large bag used for carrying items on your back and is designed to fit more items than a day pack. The term was first used in the United States in the 1910s, although there’s been evidence of people using backpacks from civilizations as early as 3300 BC.

2. Daypack

A Day Pack is often used interchangeably with a Backpack although it is a smaller or medium-sized backpack intended for everyday use. Because they’re lighter and more compact than backpacks, they’re ideal for work, school, or daily errand runs.

3. Belt Bag

A Belt Bag is designed to be worn around your waist (the term is sometimes used interchangeably with a ‘waist pack). It typically has a leather purse attached to the belt and is often detachable, giving it a dual use case.

4. Bum Bag / Waist Bag

A Bum Bag, also known as a Waist Bag or Fanny Pack, is worn around your waist and designed to hold smaller objects and daily essentials. Unlike a Belt Bag, the bag portion of a Bum Bag is often not detachable from the belt. and it can be made from a wider variety of materials.

5. Drawstring Bag

A Drawstring Bag is secured closed by a drawstring or drawcord. It’s lightweight and often comes in a wide variety of materials like canvas, nylon, leather, etc. Ideal for short trips and everyday use, the drawstring bag remains popular due to its simplicity and often affordable price.

6. Rucksack

The Rucksack derives from the German word, “der rücken,” which translate to “the back” and “sack,” meaning “bag.” Often used interchangeably with a “backpack,” the Rucksack, however, often contains a buckle flap along with more outer pockets than a traditional backpack.

7. Satchel Backpack

A Satchel Backpack features the aesthetic characteristics of a satchel. It features a double-buckled top flap, front pocket, and is always made of leather.

8. Knapsack

A Knapsack is a type of backpack that’s typically made from canvas and weatherproof materials. The term was commonly used in the mid 20th century before the word “backpack” became popular. A Knapsack will also typically feature a drawstring and flap around the bag’s opening.

9. Randoseru

Randoseru is a type of bag derived from the Dutch word “ransel.” Popular amongst students in Japan, the Randoseru features a hard shell shape that’s typically made from leather or leather like synthetic materials.

Clutch & Handheld Bags

Clutch & Handheld Bags includes all of the small bags that are primarily held without any sort of straps. They can include bags with or without handles.

10. Pouch

A Pouch is a small bag that is usually fastened by a top zipper closure. Its first use was recorded in the medieval times as a way to carry items in a drawstring pouch. Today, the pouch is a versatile tool used to carry smaller items either as a handheld clutch or as an organizer within larger bags.

11. Clutch

A Clutch is a small handbag designed to be handheld or carried under your arm. Free from straps or handles, the Clutch is compact and is usually used for evening occassions to carry minimal essentials like a phone, credit cards, or cosmetic items.

12. Envelope Clutch

The Envelope Clutch is a type of Clutch that features a triangle flap closure that resembles an envelope. Unlike a regular Clutch that contains zippers, the Envelope Clutch is secured via magnets and is therefore a chic option for you’re looking for an alternative to ziper closures.

13. Box Clutch

A Box Clutch is another style of the traditional Clutch that features a box shape. To keep the box aesthetic, the box clutch is typically made with materials like acrylic and can include different types of finishings like leather or glitter.

14. Kiss Lock Clutch

A Kiss Lock Clutch is a handbag that has a framed closure that is fastened by a kiss lock clasp. Ideal for evening gatherings, the Kiss Lock Clutch is used by designers to accentuate certain details, like the two spherical knobs that fasten the bag.

15. Minaudière

The Minaudière is a small hard-cased clutch or handbag that typically features decorative and embellished beads or crystals. First invented by luxury jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930, the Minaudière was inspired by a metal cigarette case used by the American socialite Florence Gould. Its decorative aesthetic makes it well suited for grand and formal occasions.

16. Bracelet Bag

The Bracelet Bag is designed to be worn around the wrist or handheld and is characterized by large bracelet handles. A timeless and chic handbag, the Bracelet Bag can feature a range of handbag silhouettes.

17. Wristlet

The Wristlet is a wallet or clutch that has a loop-shaped wristlet strap designed to be worn around your wrist. Because of the Wristlets strap, its conveniently used to free up your hands while still holding onto your bag, whereas a clutch can only be handheld.

18. Bermuda Bag

A Bermuda Bag features a round or oval shape and is characterized by a wooden handle. It often has a removable cloth cover and can contain embroidered patterns like flowers.

19. Basket Bag

The Basket bag is one of the oldest forms of bags, traditionally made from a range of plant materials like wood splints, cane, and bamboo. A Basket bag is charactarized more by its materials instead of its shape, since it can be constructed in a variety of silhouettes.

20. Knot Bag

The Knot Bag gets its name from a signature knot loop that secures the top part of the bag. Popular in Japanese culture, the Knot bag is typically made from fabric materials and its simplicity makes it favorite for people who enjoy DIY crafts.

21. Pochette

The Pochette is derived from the French word for “pocket” and is an envelope shaped handbag. Popularized by Louis Vuitton, The Pochette can come in a range of styles, such as an envelope clutch with a strap, or a pouch without a strap.

22. Hat Box

The Hat Box was originally used as a type of luggage for transporting a variety of hats in the 19th century. It features a deep, round shape and is today used by designers as a hard cased bag with a handheld strap.

23. Box Bag

The Box Bag, characterized by a box shape, is a versatile piece that can be worn cross body, or as a shoulder bag or clutch. Its hard case and defined structure makes it a sleeker and sturdier alternative to the traditional handbag, which is often softer and more casual.

24. Boston Bag

The Boston Bag is a barrel-shaped bag that features a top zipper closure and is handheld with its two top handles. It can be made from a range of materials like leather, nylon, and canvas, but it typically always features some sort of leather detail.

25. Doctor’s Bag

The Doctor’s Bag was originally used by physicians when commuting to visit patients. Traditionally, the Doctor’s Bag was fully made from leather and featured a split handle which could be opened from the top. Today, the Doctor’s bag can come in a range of materials and design details, like multiple pockets and outer pouches.

26. Gladstone Bag

The Gladstone Bag was named after the four-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Ewart Gladstone. It’s often made from stiff leather, which gives it a boxy briefcase-like shape. Typically, the Gladstone Bag contains a hinged rigid frame used to open and close the bag, and its large capacity makes it useful for travel.

27. Handheld Handbag

The Handheld Handbag is an iconic bag that comes in different shapes and features. Larger than a purse, the Handheld Handbag is designed for women to hold their daily essentials. Because of the versatility of the Handheld Handbag’s features, there have been many famous designs throughout its history, such as:

  • Single Handle Handbag
  • Double Handle Handbag
  • Accordion Style Handbag
  • Trapeze Handbag
  • Half Moon Handbag
  • Ruffle Handbag

Crossbody & Shoulder Bags

28. Baguette Bag

The Baguette Bag is a long, narrow handbag that resembles the shape of a French baguette. It gained popularity in the early 2000s when Sarah Jessica Parker carried the Fendi Baguette bag in the hit TV show Sex and the City.

29. Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag features a slouchy shape and usually has a long flat shoulder strap and scooped center for easy carrying on your shoulders. Originally designed as a unisex bag, The Hobo Bag however became an “it” bag amongst females when Tom Ford released the Jackie bag under Gucci.

30. Straw Bag

The Straw Bag, also known as a Kenya Bag, is a large bag made for use at the beach. It can be made from a range of materials, but most commonly features straw and canvas.

31. Muff Bag

The Muff Bag is instantly recognizable due to its Fur Muff fabric exterior. It can be made with both genuine fur or faux fur, and is typically used outdoors in the winter.

32. Tote Bag

The Tote Bag is a large bag that typically has an open-top compartment and two top handles. A classic bag that remains popular today, The Tote Bag can be either an open top bag or a zippered top bag. Open top tote bags are usually made from eco friendly materials like reycled fibers. With the zippered top Tote Bag, the most signature bag is Longchamp’s Le Pilage, which features water-resistant nylon and a foldable design, making it versatile for everyday use.

33. Woven Tote

The Woven Tote bag is a style of the original Tote Bag that features materials that are woven into the bag. Traditionally, a Woven Tote was made with straw, but designers have since expanded to materials like leather and synthetic fibers.

34. Fringe Bag

The Fringe Bag is a signature bag from the 1970s that features leather or suede that dangles off of the bag and sways with your every movement. A fun and playful bag, The Fringe Bag captures the bohemian spirit of the 70s era even today.

35. Bucket Bag

The Bucket Bag gets its name from its bucket like shape and features a rounded base with a draw string cinched opening. A favorite for its versatile use case, the Bucket Bag is typically made from leather.

36. Accordion Handbag

The Accordion Handbag is a handbag or briefcase that has a compartment that folds open and close like accordion bellows.

37. Shopper Bag

The Shopper Bag is a rectangular form of The Tote typically used for shopping. As a mix between a Tote Bag and Box Bag, The Shopper Bag has long handles for easy carry.

38. Canteen Bag

The Canteen Bag gets its name from the traditional canteen bottles that were used for drinking. Typically made from leather today, The Canteen bag is a round handbag that often features a tassel and strap.

39. Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag is a small, horseshoe-shaped crossbody bag with a flap cover. Traditionally used as a pouch that would hang from either side of a saddle on a horse, The Saddle Bag’s iconic shape remains the same today.

40. Satchel

The Satchel is a rectangular leather bag that features a flap cover and a long shoulder strap. Traditionally used by school children to carry their books around, The Satchel has remained timeless due to its heritage and leather durability.

41. Quilted Sling

The Quilted Sling is a crossbody handbag made from quilted fabric, often with a decorative topstitched pattern. It was popularized in the 1950s by Coco Chanel, who created the Chanel 2.55 with quilted leather and a flap cover with chain handles. The burgundy lining inside the 2.55 is said to represent the color of the uniform that Coco Chanel wore in school, while the inner zipper pockets were said to be where she stashed her love letters.

42. Lady Camera Bag

The Lady Camera Bag is a version of the camera bag that’s designed to be compact enough to fit a handheld camera. It was created for style conscious ladies who wanted a more chic way of carrying around their camera.

43. Sling Bag

The Sling Bag, also known as a One Shoulder Backpack or One Strap Bookbag, is a single-strapped backpack meant to be carried on one shoulder. They can feature a variety of pockets and zippers for easy access to your essentials when carrying the bag on the go.

44. Haversack

The Haversack is a small bag with a single shoulder strap. It differs from a Sling Bag in that the Haversack is typicall shaped like a regular backpack or rucksack. Traditionally, the Haversack was used by the military as it is a bag that carries a large load while also being easy to take on and off.

Athletic & Functional Bags

Athletic & Functional Bags covers bags that serve a specific functional use case like a camera bag, golf bag, or travel bag.

Unlike the previous categories that grouped bags by how they are carried, Athletic & Functional Bags can be carried in a variety of ways.

45. Security Pouch

The Security Pouch, also known as a Small Traveling Pouch, is designed to be worn around your neck and concealed under your clothing. It’s popularly used when traveling to keep your valuables safe.

46. Wash Bag

The Wash Bag is a small pouch used for holding toiletries and cosmetic items when travelling. Typically they feature leather materials whether in the body of the bag or vialeather trims.

47. Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit is often used interchangeably with a Wash Bag, although it got its name from Charles Doppelt, a leather craftsman in the 1900s. Compared to a Wash Bag, the Dopp Kit is larger in size.

48. Weekender

The Weekender is a large leather or fabric bag that stores enough items for short term travel and weekend trips. It features a rectangular base and is fastened by a top zipper.

49. Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is characterized by its large size and cylindrical shape. Bigger than The Weekender, The Duffel Bag gets its name from its place of origin, the Belgian town of Duffel. Today, it’s used also as a sports bag or for longer trips.

50. Barrel Bag

The Barrel Bag is a cylindrical bag with barrel-shaped compartments. Popular amongst athletes for their versatile carry options whether handheld or on the shoulder body, The Barrel Bag is typically made with cloth like materials.

51. Bowling Bag

The Bowling Bag gets its name from its original use case in the 1990s, which was to carry bowling balls, bowling shoes, and other equipment. Today, the Bowling Bag is also popular fashion accessory, that pays homage to its oriignal trapzium shape design and double top handles.

52. Safari Bag

The Safari Bag is a variation of the duffel bag, typically made from canvas and leather materials. As its name suggests, it was originally used for rugged outdoor travel and many designs take inspiration from this origination.

53. Messenger Bag

The Messenger Bag, also known as the Courier Bag, is a large and horizontal crossbody bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap and flap cover. Originally used by mail couriers, The Messenger Bag is favored because of its versatility and ease of carry when cycling or climbing.

54. Field Bag

The Field Bag is designed to withstand long days of fieldwork and is usually made from durable canvas fabric treated with a water repllent finish. Typically, a Field Bag will also have large utility pockets on the outside for useful storage.

55. Battle Bag

The Battle Bag finds its origin and modern use in the military due to its lightweight load carrying system. It’s designed to efficiently store ammunition and other mission oriented items while still being light and versatile.

56. Laptop Bag

The Laptop Bag is a bag designed for transporting your laptop safely. It features a padded compartment for protection and often has easy access pockets on the outer side of the bag.

57. Trunk Bag

The Trunk Bag is a highly functional shoulder bag used for attachment to the back of a motorcycle or bicycle. It features high denier, durable fabric to withstand weather conditions and ample storage space for gear.

58. Pannier Bag

The Pannier Bag is similar to The Trunk Bag in that its designed to carry gear on your bicycle rear rack. One point of differentiation is that Pannier Bags are often also convertible backpacks and serve dual purposes.

59. Camera Bag

The Camera Bag is traditionally a functional padded bag with specially designed compartments to hold and protect photography equipment. Camera Bags are often made from waterproof fabric for extra durability and protection.

60. Diaper Bag

The Diaper Bag is designed around the use case of being a go to for taking care of your child while on the go. Today, newer Diaper bags and backpacks feature chic aesthetics and hardware.

61. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are used for organizing your items when travelling or commmuting. They often feature a mesh fabric to give items breathability and are used in both luggages and everyday bags.

62. Tennis Bag

The Tennis Bag is designed to hold tennis rackets, balls, and other tennis equipment. They can come in varying sizes depending on needs and can be carried via a shoulder strap or handheld.

63. Hiking Backpack

The Hiking Backpack is one of the more larger sized backpacks designed for use on longer treks and backpacking trips. They feature heavily padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for weight distribution and some can sustain up to a couple hundred pounds in weight.

64. Golf Bag

The Golf Bag is designed to hold golf clubs and equipment, with multiple sections to separate golf clubs for easy selection. Their padded straps can come as a single strap or double strap for more comfortable carrying.

65. Guitar Bag

The Guitar Bag, also known as the Gig Bag, is designed around keeping your guitar or instrument safe when travelling. They can come in a hard shell case or a softside cash that’s often heavily padded for protection.

66. Portfolio Bag

The Portfolio Bag is made for carrying around large papers without them bending or wrinkling. Most Portfolio Bags feature a zippered sleeve and have two handheld straps for easy carrying.

67. Garment Bag

The Garment Bag is a travel accessory made for transporting suits and other delicate garments. Garment bags are designed to hang when unpacked or easily fold up for convenience.

68. Army Duffle Bag

The Army Duffel Bag gets its name from its military origin. As a large duffel bag that’s lightweight due to its cloth material form, the Army Duffel Bag is used by civilians today due to their large capacity and streamlined shape.

Luggage & Trunks

Luggage & Trunks are primarily used for transporting personal items during travel. Most of these are also considered large bags.

69. Hardside Luggage

A Hardside Luggage suitcase is constructed from harder and durable materials like aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, or polypropylene. Made famous by German Brand Rimowa when Richard Morszeck launched the first suitcase made of lightweight aircraft aluminum in 1937, the Hardside Luggage suitcase revolutionalized the luggage industry with its functional durability while also introducing a new form of luxury travel.

70. Softside Luggage

Softside Luggage is made from soft, flexible materials like canvas or nylon and therefore maintains a soft exterior. Compared to Hardside Luggage’s durability made for check in bags, Softside Luggage is commonly seen in cabin luggage size which makes them a great carry on companion.

71. Briefcase

The Briefcase is a flat, container shaped bag used for carrying books, documents, and professional tools. With its origins stemming from the legal industry, The Briefcase is typically made with leather to give it a professional look. Though sometimes used interchangeably with The Briefcase, The Attache Case is the French version of a briefcase, although it is usually slimmer with more metal hardware.

72. Rigid Case

The Rigid Case is a form of the Briefcase made from harder, more durable materials like aluminum, similar to that of Hardside Luggage. Its tough exterior and luxury finish makes it a perfect fit for carrying valuables.

73. Suitcase

The Suitcase is a rectangular shaped bag with rounded corners and traditionally had metal hinges around the opening. Although the word now is used to also refer to larger luggage, the Suitcase is usually made with leather, cloth, or sometimes hard plastic.

74. Cosmetic Case

The Cosmetic Case is designed for the transportation of makeup and other beauty items. They can come in both a hardside and softside case and will feature dedicated organization for different cosmetic kits.

75. Pilot Case

The Pilot Case is characterized by a briefcase like style combined with the rolling wheels found in luggage. This versatility makes it a commonly used bag by people in the aviation industry for travel.

76. Camera Hard Case

The Camera Hard Case is a secure way of transporting large and heavy camera equipment. It features a hard-shelled protective case and foam padding on the inside for extra protection.

77. Trunk

A Trunk is a large rectangular shaped container made for transporting and storing personal belongings. Made popular in the late 1800s, many trunk manufacturers eventually became the luxury brand behemoths of today like Louis Vuitton and Goyard.

Wallets & Purses

Wallets & Purses contain a category of small bags that are used to store and access monetary items.

78. Purse

A Purse is well known as a small bag used to carry money and everyday personal items. Purses can vary in size and capacity, though traditionally they feature a zipper on top.

79. Coin Purse

The Coin Purse is designed to hold coins and loose leaf change. Originating from the traditional cloth coin pouch, today a Coin Purse often is made from leather and features a magnetic snap.

80. Clasp Purse

A Clasp Purse is a type of purse that is characterized by two belt-like clasps that fasten the purse close. It can be made from a variety of materials from nylon and cloth to leather.

81. Long Wallet

The Long Wallet, also referred to as a Continental Wallet, is a longer shaped wallet made to hold banknotes flat and uncreased. Long Wallets are typically fastened by a snap button strap and can feature a coin purse.

82. Zip-Around Wallet

A Zip-Around Wallet is similar to a Long Wallet, with the main difference being that it is fastened by a zipper. They can come in both a long sized wallet or a shorter bi-fold sized wallet.

83. Credit Card Wallet

A Credit Card Wallet is a form of a Long Wallet designed with plenty of pockets to organize and store all of your cards from credit and debit cards to business cards. It differs from a Card Holder in its larger size.

84. Bi-Fold Wallet

The Bi-Fold Wallet is a wallet that can be folded into two halves with a center fold, giving it an easy storage option for men’s pockets. Banknotes are folded over while cards can be stored vertically or horizontally depending on the wallet design.

85. Tri-Fold Wallet

The Tri-Fold Wallet is a wallet that can be folded into three parts of equal size. Tri-Fold Wallets can have different features on each of their folds from card holders to coin pouches and are typically made with leather, although carbon fiber Tri-Fold Wallets are gaining popularity.

86. Wallet with Chain

Wallets with Chain feature a wallet connected to a chain and hook. They are designed to clip onto an article of clothing for extra security and to accentuate a fashion detail.

87. Wallet with Strap

A Wallet with a Strap is a wallet that has a strap attached to it for easy carry, whether it be a wristlet strap or shoulder strap.

88. Passport Holder

The Passport Holder, also known as a Travel Wallet or Passport Wallet, is designed to store your Passport, Boarding Pass, and other travel documents as a clutch. It’s often made of leather or nylon materials for durability.

89. Phone Case Wallet

The Phone Case Wallet acts as both a Phone Case and Purse. Often coming in a form of leather with extra padding for protection, Phone Case Wallets can also have attached straps or tassels.

Small Leather Goods

Though this list of Small Leather Goods could be extended, we wanted to include some of the more frequently used leather goods items.

90. Key Case

The Key Case features hooks or loops to attach several keys. Many key cases also include multi-functional pocket organizers for additional storage. Key Cases are characterized by a snap flap closure for easy opening. Today, Leather Key Rings are also gaining in popularity due to their minimalist aesthetic and functionality.

91. Glasses Pouch / Case

The Glasses Case and Glasses Pouch are both safe and convenient ways of storing all types of glasses. While a Glasses Case is typically a hardside case with a magnetic snap, a Glasses Pouch is usually made of leather with a suede lining in the inside for protection.

92. Watch Strap

The Leather Watch Strap is a way to personalize your watch with a style and finishing that matches your watch. They can come in a variety of types of leather from full grain to nubuck to cordovan, while also featuring different stitching finishings.

93. Card Holder

A Card Holder is a type of wallet specifically designed only to hold credit cards and other small forms of cards. Smaller and more lightweight than other forms of wallets, the Card Holder has gained popularity in recent years.

94. Writing Case

The Writing Case is primarily used to store a writing pad or notebook along with writing accessories such as a pen, business cards, and other small items. They’re usually bi-fold cases for easy carrying and storage.

95. Checkbook Cover

Leather Checkbook Covers are a stylish way to carry a checkbook and can come as a Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Checkbook cover. Depending on the design, some Checkbook Covers can include additional outer pockets, a slot for a pen, or pockets for cards.

96. Tablet Case

The Tablet Case is a Bi-Fold Leather case for your Tablet. Designs can vary from including additional pockets or magnetic pads for turning off tablets when the case is closed.

97. Phone Case

The Leather Phone Case is available in various phone sizes, colors, and leather materials. Some Phone Cases also act as a double pocket card holder.

98. Luggage Tag

The Leather Luggage Tag is a personalized companion to any luggage or backpack. Typically they can have a leather flap or simply feature a transparent casing on one side. Luggage Tags are also great items for custom monogramming.

99. Manicure Set Case

A Manicure Set Case is a leather case designed specifically for grooming related items like a nail clipper or small scissors. They will typically feature elastic loops on the inside and a magnetic clasp to fasten the case.

100. Pencil Case

The Leather Pencil Case is a simple bag designed for your pens and pencils that features a zippered top for easy and secure opening and closing.


We hope that you were able to take away something new from this list of 100 types of bags. As trends come and go, a majority of the bags on this list will continue to live on due to their timeless asethetic and practicality.

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