Crossbody & Shoulder Bags are another category of small leather bags with many similarities to Clutch & Handheld Bags. Both categories of bags are appropriate for a range of occasions and are therefore sought after by designers and consumers alike.

The difference between the two categories, however, is that while Clutch & Handheld Bags don’t contain straps and are not meant to be worn (just held), with Crossbody & Shoulder Bags, each of the bags can be worn via a single strap on a shoulder. The Crossbody & Shoulder Bag still remains separate from the Backpack and Waist Bag category because all of its bags are designed to be worn only on one shoulder.

1. Baguette Bag

The Baguette Bag is a long, narrow handbag that resembles the shape of a French baguette. It gained popularity in the early 2000s when Sarah Jessica Parker carried the Fendi Baguette bag in the hit TV show Sex and the City.

2. Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag features a slouchy shape and usually has a long flat shoulder strap and scooped center for easy carrying on your shoulders. Originally designed as a unisex bag, The Hobo Bag however became an “it” bag amongst females when Tom Ford released the Jackie bag under Gucci.

3. Straw Bag

The Straw Bag, also known as a Kenya Bag, is a large bag made for use at the beach. It can be made from a range of materials, but most commonly features straw and canvas.

4. Muff Bag

The Muff Bag is instantly recognizable due to its Fur Muff fabric exterior. It can be made with both genuine fur or faux fur, and is typically used outdoors in the winter.

5. Tote Bag

The Tote Bag is a large bag that typically has an open-top compartment and two top handles. A classic bag that remains popular today, The Tote Bag can be either an open top bag or a zippered top bag. Open top tote bags are usually made from eco friendly materials like reycled fibers. With the zippered top Tote Bag, the most signature bag is Longchamp’s Le Pilage, which features water-resistant nylon and a foldable design, making it versatile for everyday use.

6. Woven Tote

The Woven Tote bag is a style of the original Tote Bag that features materials that are woven into the bag. Traditionally, a Woven Tote was made with straw, but designers have since expanded to materials like leather and synthetic fibers.

7. Fringe Bag

The Fringe Bag is a signature bag from the 1970s that features leather or suede that dangles off of the bag and sways with your every movement. A fun and playful bag, The Fringe Bag captures the bohemian spirit of the 70s era even today.

8. Bucket Bag

The Bucket Bag gets its name from its bucket like shape and features a rounded base with a draw string cinched opening. A favorite for its versatile use case, the Bucket Bag is typically made from leather.

9. Accordion Handbag

The Accordion Handbag is a handbag or briefcase that has a compartment that folds open and close like accordion bellows.

10. Shopper Bag

The Shopper Bag is a rectangular form of The Tote typically used for shopping. As a mix between a Tote Bag and Box Bag, The Shopper Bag has long handles for easy carry.

11. Canteen Bag

The Canteen Bag gets its name from the traditional canteen bottles that were used for drinking. Typically made from leather today, The Canteen bag is a round handbag that often features a tassel and strap.

12. Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag is a small, horseshoe-shaped crossbody bag with a flap cover. Traditionally used as a pouch that would hang from either side of a saddle on a horse, The Saddle Bag’s iconic shape remains the same today.

13. Satchel

The Satchel is a rectangular leather bag that features a flap cover and a long shoulder strap. Traditionally used by school children to carry their books around, The Satchel has remained timeless due to its heritage and leather durability.

14. Quilted Sling

The Quilted Sling is a crossbody handbag made from quilted fabric, often with a decorative topstitched pattern. It was popularized in the 1950s by Coco Chanel, who created the Chanel 2.55 with quilted leather and a flap cover with chain handles. The burgundy lining inside the 2.55 is said to represent the color of the uniform that Coco Chanel wore in school, while the inner zipper pockets were said to be where she stashed her love letters.

15. Lady Camera Bag

The Lady Camera Bag is a version of the camera bag that’s designed to be compact enough to fit a handheld camera. It was created for style conscious ladies who wanted a more chic way of carrying around their camera.

16. Sling Bag

The Sling Bag, also known as a One Shoulder Backpack or One Strap Bookbag, is a single-strapped backpack meant to be carried on one shoulder. They can feature a variety of pockets and zippers for easy access to your essentials when carrying the bag on the go.

17. Haversack

The Haversack is a small bag with a single shoulder strap. It differs from a Sling Bag in that the Haversack is typicall shaped like a regular backpack or rucksack. Traditionally, the Haversack was used by the military as it is a bag that carries a large load while also being easy to take on and off.

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