Luggage & Trunks are primarily used for transporting personal items during travel. Most of these are also considered large bags that vary in either a hardside or softside case based on personal preference or use case.

1. Hardside Luggage

A Hardside Luggage suitcase is constructed from harder and durable materials like aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, or polypropylene. Made famous by German Brand Rimowa when Richard Morszeck launched the first suitcase made of lightweight aircraft aluminum in 1937, the Hardside Luggage suitcase revolutionalized the luggage industry with its functional durability while also introducing a new form of luxury travel.

2. Softside Luggage

Softside Luggage is made from soft, flexible materials like canvas or nylon and therefore maintains a soft exterior. Compared to Hardside Luggage’s durability made for check in bags, Softside Luggage is commonly seen in cabin luggage size which makes them a great carry on companion.

3. Briefcase

The Briefcase is a flat, container shaped bag used for carrying books, documents, and professional tools. With its origins stemming from the legal industry, The Briefcase is typically made with leather to give it a professional look. Though sometimes used interchangeably with The Briefcase, The Attache Case is the French version of a briefcase, although it is usually slimmer with more metal hardware.

4. Rigid Case

The Rigid Case is a form of the Briefcase made from harder, more durable materials like aluminum, similar to that of Hardside Luggage. Its tough exterior and luxury finish makes it a perfect fit for carrying valuables.

5. Suitcase

The Suitcase is a rectangular shaped bag with rounded corners and traditionally had metal hinges around the opening. Although the word now is used to also refer to larger luggage, the Suitcase is usually made with leather, cloth, or sometimes hard plastic.

6. Cosmetic Case

The Cosmetic Case is designed for the transportation of makeup and other beauty items. They can come in both a hardside and softside case and will feature dedicated organization for different cosmetic kits.

7. Pilot Case

The Pilot Case is characterized by a briefcase like style combined with the rolling wheels found in luggage. This versatility makes it a commonly used bag by people in the aviation industry for travel.

8. Camera Hard Case

The Camera Hard Case is a secure way of transporting large and heavy camera equipment. It features a hard-shelled protective case and foam padding on the inside for extra protection.

9. Trunk

A Trunk is a large rectangular shaped container made for transporting and storing personal belongings. Made popular in the late 1800s, many trunk manufacturers eventually became the luxury brand behemoths of today like Louis Vuitton and Goyard.

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