Small Leather Goods have been used for much of human civilization as tools. This is an overview of some of the more commonly used small leather goods today.

1. Key Case

The Key Case features hooks or loops to attach several keys. Many key cases also include multi-functional pocket organizers for additional storage. Key Cases are characterized by a snap flap closure for easy opening. Today, Leather Key Rings are also gaining in popularity due to their minimalist aesthetic and functionality.

2. Glasses Pouch / Case

The Glasses Case and Glasses Pouch are both safe and convenient ways of storing all types of glasses. While a Glasses Case is typically a hardside case with a magnetic snap, a Glasses Pouch is usually made of leather with a suede lining in the inside for protection.

3. Watch Strap

The Leather Watch Strap is a way to personalize your watch with a style and finishing that matches your watch. They can come in a variety of types of leather from full grain to nubuck to cordovan, while also featuring different stitching finishings.

4. Card Holder

A Card Holder is a type of wallet specifically designed only to hold credit cards and other small forms of cards. Smaller and more lightweight than other forms of wallets, the Card Holder has gained popularity in recent years.

5. Writing Case

The Writing Case is primarily used to store a writing pad or notebook along with writing accessories such as a pen, business cards, and other small items. They’re usually bi-fold cases for easy carrying and storage.

6. Checkbook Cover

Leather Checkbook Covers are a stylish way to carry a checkbook and can come as a Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Checkbook cover. Depending on the design, some Checkbook Covers can include additional outer pockets, a slot for a pen, or pockets for cards.

7. Tablet Case

The Tablet Case is a Bi-Fold Leather case for your Tablet. Designs can vary from including additional pockets or magnetic pads for turning off tablets when the case is closed.

8. Phone Case

The Leather Phone Case is available in various phone sizes, colors, and leather materials. Some Phone Cases also act as a double pocket card holder.

9. Luggage Tag

The Leather Luggage Tag is a personalized companion to any luggage or backpack. Typically they can have a leather flap or simply feature a transparent casing on one side. Luggage Tags are also great items for custom monogramming.

10. Manicure Set Case

A Manicure Set Case is a leather case designed specifically for grooming related items like a nail clipper or small scissors. They will typically feature elastic loops on the inside and a magnetic clasp to fasten the case.

11. Pencil Case

The Leather Pencil Case is a simple bag designed for your pens and pencils that features a zippered top for easy and secure opening and closing.

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