Wallets & Purses are a category of small bags used to store and access monetary items.

Serving both a dual purpose of keeping your money safe and secure, while also acting as a fashion accessory item, wallets and purses are a must have essential in every persons bag or pocket.

1. Purse

A Purse is well known as a small bag used to carry money and everyday personal items. Purses can vary in size and capacity, though traditionally they feature a zipper on top.

2. Coin Purse

The Coin Purse is designed to hold coins and loose leaf change. Originating from the traditional cloth coin pouch, today a Coin Purse often is made from leather and features a magnetic snap.

3. Clasp Purse

A Clasp Purse is a type of purse that is characterized by two belt-like clasps that fasten the purse close. It can be made from a variety of materials from nylon and cloth to leather.

4. Long Wallet

The Long Wallet, also referred to as a Continental Wallet, is a longer shaped wallet made to hold banknotes flat and uncreased. Long Wallets are typically fastened by a snap button strap and can feature a coin purse.

5. Zip-Around Wallet

A Zip-Around Wallet is similar to a Long Wallet, with the main difference being that it is fastened by a zipper. They can come in both a long sized wallet or a shorter bi-fold sized wallet.

6. Credit Card Wallet

A Credit Card Wallet is a form of a Long Wallet designed with plenty of pockets to organize and store all of your cards from credit and debit cards to business cards. It differs from a Card Holder in its larger size.

7. Bi-Fold Wallet

The Bi-Fold Wallet is a wallet that can be folded into two halves with a center fold, giving it an easy storage option for men’s pockets. Banknotes are folded over while cards can be stored vertically or horizontally depending on the wallet design.

8. Tri-Fold Wallet

The Tri-Fold Wallet is a wallet that can be folded into three parts of equal size. Tri-Fold Wallets can have different features on each of their folds from card holders to coin pouches and are typically made with leather, although carbon fiber Tri-Fold Wallets are gaining popularity.

9. Wallet with Chain

Wallets with Chain feature a wallet connected to a chain and hook. They are designed to clip onto an article of clothing for extra security and to accentuate a fashion detail.

10. Wallet with Strap

A Wallet with a Strap is a wallet that has a strap attached to it for easy carry, whether it be a wristlet strap or shoulder strap.

11. Passport Holder

The Passport Holder, also known as a Travel Wallet or Passport Wallet, is designed to store your Passport, Boarding Pass, and other travel documents as a clutch. It’s often made of leather or nylon materials for durability.

12. Phone Case Wallet

The Phone Case Wallet acts as both a Phone Case and Purse. Often coming in a form of leather with extra padding for protection, Phone Case Wallets can also have attached straps or tassels.

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