Complete Guide to Everything Zippers

Zippers are seemingly unimportant to the common observer, however, their utility cannot be understated when they’re present in nearly every object we use on a regular basis (like the zipper’s interesting founding story). The use of a backpack becomes obsolete if nothing can be contained and while some backpacks are even designed around the style […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Make Backpacks?

Looking to start your own business and make some leather backpacks just like us? As entrepreneurs and owners of a leather backpack business, we know just how confusing the process can be.
There's so much information out there about how much it costs to open a business, what kind of business loans you need, and so on... Finding the right answers can be overwhelming […]

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The Anatomy of a Backpack – 30 Terms To Know

Bag Accessories Backpack accessories refer to a range of items that can complement a backpack, like a waterproof backpack cover, or handle wrap. Bag Bottom A bag bottom is a panel at the bottom of the bag that provides support for the main compartments and also protects the bag from damage with extra reinforcement. This […]

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How to Care For Your Leather Bag

Unlike other natural or synthetic materials, leather making and leather care is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail and care. Real leather, unlike vegan leather, is made to last years, especially if a leather bag or item is regularly taken care of. This article breaks down leather bag care tools and how to care and maintain the quality of a leather bag.

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Why is Full Grain Leather Considered the Best of the Five Types of Leather?

When purchasing any leather good, whether it’s as bag, furniture, or the inside of a new car, the quality and durability can change based on several factors that we’ve looked into, like the different parts of the hide (butt, bend, shoulder, and head), or the tanning process in leather making.

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How is Leather Made and What are Common Leather Types?

What is it about leather that makes it so desirable and frequently used? Archaeologists studying the historical trends of leather have come across its use case in every type of ancient civilization, making it significant both as a way of understanding how our ancestors used tools, as well as its role in shaping cultures at the time (like civilizations that used animals as sacrificial tributes).

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